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When an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled

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Our approach to housekeeping and floor care services involves streamlined standardisation of processes that result in consistent outcomes every single time. By leveraging mobile, cloud-based technology, team members receive instantaneous feedback on room statuses, keeping everyone alert to impending delays and aware of the availability of units for early arrivals. As part of our program, we provide you with customisable housekeeping and floor care solutions that alleviate the need of administrative oversight, which allows you to focus more on the guest experience. We ensure that everything—from the way the room is cleaned to how the amenities are displayed and to how the floor is cleaned and maintained—is always up to your standards. With our multi-tiered training programs, we guarantee that we can provide you with exceptional, professional results.


From day one, our leadership team builds a rapport with you to create a partnership that truly recognises and appreciates the goals and needs of your resort. By addressing your concerns, we develop a comprehensive plan that seamlessly blends into your current operational procedures.

As your housekeeping and floor care services partner, we will provide you with:

  • A program specifically designed to meet your goals and objectives
  • Knowledgeable team members that are well-versed in proper cleaning protocols and hospitality-driven communication techniques
  • Comprehensive quality assurance programs that hold us accountable to our results
  • A strong support network to ensure your housekeeping team has the resources needed to execute a successful program
  • Extensive training that embeds your brand into our teams’ day-to-day routine for a culture-minded environment of support



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